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Gold Marie Yellow Vining Bean

300 Seeds, GMYB_S-300 $54.00 Out of stock


sold out Gold Marie produces 6 inch long yellow beans along the central vine of this robust heirloom vegetable. The bright green waxy leaves seem imperviable to drought. It can grow and fruit in light shade and does best on a 6-8 ft. trellis. This was one the best pole beans for flavor and texture in my plantings. It does not get woody easily during its 70 day ripening period. The long straight vines produce minimal foliage and high yields of flavorable, mild flavored yellow wax beans. Was one of the best in flavor of all the pole beans we were growing. Grown isolated from other beans.  In processing available starting in mid November. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Phaseolus vulgaris
Seed Source Michigan
Height (ft) 6-10 ft. or more
Climate Zone 4-10
Ease of Cultivation This is a good selection to be used on a trellis system. The plants grew very quickly and established in a semi-shady site. The yields are high with easy to pick beans all along the stems with not a lot of foliage. The foliage was waxy and resistant to drought.