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Luminescence Plum

200 Seeds+Scions, LUPL-200S+SC $220.00


Luminescence Plum Seeds and Scions: Selected Chickasaw seedling plum found within a population grown from seed of other high quality fruiters at my farm. This heavy yielder should be produced from cuttings and grown in a variety of habitats not conducive to plum growing. It has no insect or disease problems. The yields are off the charts in terms of any plum I have grown with massive fruit set in clusters all along the branches. The fruits ripen slowly but surely in the fall starting in mid September going through to early October. The red and yellow color of the fruit is very attractive in the fall with usually a full display of bright red and yellow fruit.  This selection is a fantastic wild plum with little astringency in the skin. The sour flavor is not as strong as the pure Chickasaw plum and it is possible eat fresh off the tree without wincing. They need to ripen on the tree for a full flavor and nutrition. Like a milder Chickasaw plum with great fruiting capabilities, Luminescence delivers. 

This is one of a few Chickasaw plum crosses that have proven their high yields as well as usable fruit quality that could usher in a new age of soft fruit. Unlike the rather insipid and sweet plums from California, this is completely a new flavor profile not found in plums today. They can be easily be grown organically and would likely require little or even no spray. 

Germinating the Seeds: Seeds require a full 90-120 days of cold dormancy. To meet that use a lightly moist Canadian peat moss and add the seeds to this and refrigerate store for the allotted time. Some sprouting may occur in refrigeration and can be plucked out and planted. Usually this occurs part way through dormancy but does not happen very much with this strain. Once the seeds are at room temperature after dormancy the seeds will sprout throughout the next 2-4 weeks. If planted outside, protect from rodents by screening in the planting area. Plant 1/2 inch deep and tamp. Seeds will  sprout in the spring after a normal winter dormant period. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus angustifolia
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness Minus 25 F or more
Height (ft) 15 ft. tall and wide. A broad spreading tree.
Pollination Requirements Self pollination but will cross with Chickasaw and Wild Goose plums as they flower at the same time.
Soil Grows best in sandy soils with low organic matter.
Climate Zone 4-8 Good heat resistance for high or low humidity areas.
Ease of Cultivation Clean foliage and fruit. Super productive selection with small to medium sized tart fruit. As it ripens, the flavor improves to the point where the tartness diminishes and the fruit is easily eaten fresh. This selection would be a good one for adding to sweet fruit and used for syrups and jellies. It also does not have that ascorbic acid flavor that is dominant in the Chickasaw plum. Seedlings are vigorous from this cross useful for a plum hedgerow.

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