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The Oikos Tree Crops Groundnut Collection

100 Tubers OTCGC_100-T $480.00 Out of stock

sold out Spring shipment in March. Can be ordered when the tubers are dormant during the winter. 

This collection contains at least 7 different varieties of groundnuts of 100 or more tubers. Tubers are harvested in the spring and then packed immediately for shipment via USPS. Groundnuts need a dormancy to sprout which we provide as our tubers are stored outside and go through a winter period.   I include all of the varieties as much as possible. From here you will need no other groundnuts for a while.    

Groundnuts represent a unique tuber crop high in protein and are relatively easy to grow, harvest and process in the kitchen. The tubers come in all different shapes and sizes and are found growing from the southern part of the U.S. to even short season areas of the northeast. As a result, there is a groundnut pretty much adapted to anywhere in North America. My collection is made up of my own discoveries as well as many others including the Dr. Blackmom LSU varieties and many private breeders and collectors who just love to grow groundnuts.  

Selections include:  Kennebec, Nutty 2, Virginiana, Carolinas, Clusternut, Treasure, Montpelier, Densituberous and others

There will be at least 100 tubers total of all the 7 varieties. Some will have more than others. As always extras will be included to make sure you have enough to continue the selections without loss. 

Spring shipped only. 

The sales of these groundnuts will allow me to consolidate my collection and make seeds available of it to continue my research. Since the finding in my plantings of a new bush type of  groundnut last year, new types will be developed that along with harvesting and processing could yield a good crop in a short period of time and also make it a self replenishing annual harvesting type of plant that would eliminate tying up a field for two or more years while the rhizomes establish.

A simple way to grow groundnuts: Groundnuts have a shallow rooted rhizome based root system. They need to 'stretch out' and grown straight and long to develop the tubers that are on the stolons. As a result, plants should have an open sunny area free from roots of other plants and a trellis system to hold up the massive foliage. This allows the tubers to really develop in bulk. Pots, polybags and anything related to a pot system is the worst way to grow groundnuts. The plants do not produce quantities with pot methods. Treat it like a raised bed for pole beans. The stolons will then have a chance to go linear and the more linear the greater the yields. Roots can be left in the ground over wintered and harvested in the spring or fall. Groundnuts skip just below the ground-maybe an inch or so of soil on top and can be pulled out by the strings in one easy pull. Groundnuts do not spread like sunchokes and are much easier to remove should you have too many of them. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Apios americana
Hardiness -25F or more
Height (ft) A tall vine can grow easily to 20 ft. or more. with a spread equal to it. Trellis of 7 ft. is ideal. Foliage mounds at the top of the trellis.
Pollination Requirements For seed production, all are self fertile to some extent. Even the triploids are fertile and will produce a full set of seeds from the LSU varieties. Not much is known on the yields of the peas and ways to increase it.
Soil Does best in higher organic soils but tolerable to a wide range of soil conditions including clay.
Climate Has been grown from desert climate to the cold northeastern U.S. in long and short season areas. Appears adaptable under cultivation.

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