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Sweet Violet

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This is one of the most distinct violets easily identified from its incredibly fragrant blossoms in early spring. Both the blossoms and the foliage is edible. The flowers are stilled used today for their fragrance in perfume. There are still artificial fragrances that copy the original as well.  A syrup can be made from the flowers. It can used to drizzle on scones but is quite expensive!  The flower yields are quite high as they tend to cluster in groups near the main crown much like strawberries. The plant itself is also stoloniferous like strawberries and spreads by runners making establishment much quicker. For some though this may be an issue if for some unknown reason it ends up in their lawn.  yikes-please not the lawn! Then again having a multiverse of species in a lawn is a good thing. 

We have been growing this species for over a decade now and have found both the white and blue forms in a population which we separated and propagated separately.  Seeing the growth habit, we are planning larger plantings of it under our hybrid oak plantings along with solomons seal, and ramps as an understory crops.  Delicious and totally easy to do.

3 year old roots grown in paper pots. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Viola odorata
Seed Source Michigan
Height (ft) 3-4 inches tall.
Width (ft) Spreads by stolons.
Soil Adaptable to a wide range of soils. Moisture retentive soils ideal.
Climate Zone 3-7
Ease of Cultivation Super easy to establish and one of the best violets as a groundcover as it spreads quickly. Will grow in light shade under oaks. The fragrance alone makes it worth growing.

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