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Chinese Catalpa

Pot, 12-18" CHCA_12-18 $14.20
Pot,18-24" CHCA_18-24 $16.20

Chinese catalpa is a dwarf species of catalpa found in the mountains of China. Rarely available, this species flowers on small 1-3 year old trees. We received this seed many years ago from an arboretum exchange and found the single tree we produced an amazingly robust tree with huge leaves much like Paulownia. The bright white with dotted yellow and purple flowers are orchid like and appear in early summer. The long thin narrow pods are produced in small amounts and hang throughout the winter. 

This tree has potential as a small shade tree in urban environments as well as a durable species used in conservation for reclamation uses. Not many people plant catalpa as most species are huge. Here is one that is small and flowers very quickly from seed. We were very fortunate to get this true to  type seed and lucky to have this one tree planted over 20 years ago. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Catalpa ovata

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