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Schwerin's White Pine

Field gown, 3-6" SCWP_3-6 $14.20
Field grown, 6-12" SCWP_6-12 $16.20 Out of stock

Fast Growing Hybrid and White Pine Blister Rust Resistant

Schwerin's white pine represents a rare find in Berlin in 1905.  Dr. Graf von Schwerin discovered white pine seedlings that crossed and  had similar characteristics of nearby Himalayan white pine in his garden estate. Over time other hybrids were created however the original plants showed some of the most promise. We were fortunate to get seed of the original tree many years ago and planted them on a windswept field at our farm. Since then this tree grew very vigorous with dense branching and complete immunity to white pine blister rust as well.  

Schwerins white pine has many cultivars but most are dwarfs or unique shaped selections. Our seed grown plants offer an opportunity to produce very vigorous tall straight growing trees even more vigorous than white pine already is. Pretty much the opposite of what is available today. The dense branching makes a good windbreak tree. The cones are produced often on young trees which allows you to create a hybrid swarm of this valuable white pine. 

We offer 2 yr. old field grown trees.  The selections are one of a kind. We have only a few in inventory for spring only and never again. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Pinus x schwerinii (strobus x wallichiana )
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -25F or more.
Height (ft) 50-70 ft.
Width (ft) 50-70 ft.
Pollination Requirements If seed is desired another white pine or two of these plants would be sufficient to produce seeds.
Soil Slightly acidic sandy loam. Can grow in more alkaline conditions than white pine.
Climate Zone 4-9
Ease of Cultivation Very easy to grow as well as fast growing, this is one hybrid worth establishing. The broad spreading habit makes it appealing as a wind break. The dense branching makes the tree almost impossible to climb! Seed orchards should be grown for this hybrid.