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American Beauty Atlantic White Cedar

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  Seed Produced Northern Strain of a Timber Form of Chamaecyparis

This rare east coast species can be found from Maine to Georgia growing in swamps. Although a wetland species growing in saturated soil, it also is adaptable enough to grow in dry soils. Our American Beauty seed strain is produced using a planting we started about 25 years ago selecting the tallest and most vigorous plants growing in our dry soil at our farm. We found these trees totally immune to deer browsing. We believe this strain is the most northern form of the plant which has never shown winter injury at our farm in southern Michigan. Our planting is located at the base of a frost pocket where there is a deep top soil but it is dry with no standing water. Temperatures of minus 25 have been recorded in this dip at the base of a hill. 

 American Beauty is the wild timber form of the species reaching to 75 ft. or more. It is not the dwarf cultivar based selections that are frequently found within the genus Chamaecyparis. The rot resistant lumber is used for boat building, roof shingles and siding. A few individual trees were thought to have lived over 1000 years. When trunks were being harvested in the low oxygen mucks of New Jersey a few 7 ft. diameter trees were found perfectly intact. In some ways it was considered the sequoia of the east. 

Here at our farm in the snow belt of southwestern Michigan, the trees tend to bend over with the weight of snow sometimes cracking at the center or splitting. These branches if left on the ground still attached to the tree will root and regrow a new tree. From a pruning standpoint it is hard to resist removing these splits but as time goes on the tree calluses over the tear very quickly and the horizontal trunk now becomes vertical. This must be part of its genetic heritage from recovering from wind blown damage. Neat!

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Plant Specs
Genus & Species Chamaecyparis thyoides
Seed Source Northern USA
Hardiness -25F
Height (ft) 75
Width (ft) 25
Pollination Requirements 2-3 plants to create seed is ideal.
Soil Best in wet sand flats or high water table. Adaptable to dry soils.
Ease of Cultivation Slow but steady wins the race with this species. Easy to grow in any soil but dry concrete.

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