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Red Willow

Pot, 18-24" REWI_18-24 $14.20
Pot, 2-3' REWI_2-3 $16.20
Pot, 3-4' REWI_3-4 $18.20
Pot, 4-5 REWI_4-5 $20.20
Vigorous - Full Crown - Low Limb Breakage-Great Insect Resistance

New selection from Wisconsin found by plant expert Steven Roesch. Red stems develop as the tree matures. Spring coloration is a bright yellow.  Clean foliage free of insect damage. Tree has a more upright crown compared to weeping willow with dense branching, smooth bark and a full oval crown. For a willow, Red has much less wind breakage compared to weeping willow and without a lot of insect damage compared to other yellow willows. Fast growing averaging 2-4 ft.per year. Tolerant to dry soils and alkaline conditions hardy into zone 3. Tree is easily produced by cuttings. This is a tree for many climates,soils and useage.  Need a windbreak-try this. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Salix rubra hybrid
Seed Source Wisconsin
Hardiness -30
Height (ft) 60
Width (ft) 30
Soil Alkaline, acidic does not matter. Dry or moist.
Climate Zone 3-9. Not sure of most southern range.
Ease of Cultivation Easy to grow in a variety of locations. No shade. Fast growing - fulfilling to see results quickly.

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