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Legume Edible Pea Flowers and Pods-The Alba Seed Source

Flowers can be harvested and added to salads or as a garnish. The mild flavor is similar to a snow pea. Said to have the same healthy bioflavonoids and anti-oxidants as red wine. It is not that you would crave a giant bowl of these flowers but they really do add a nice touch to a salad or a plate. The flavor is mild and not pronounced in any way so it is worth adding for its health benefits as well. Consider it a healthy floral botanical pill. They also can be eaten raw right off the tree in early spring as soon as they open. That is the ideal time to harvest them. 

  • On The Alba Seed Strain We Use: Starting in the early 90's I found an old Alba tree here in southwest Michigan which I collected seeds from. They did not turn out true to flower color but did produce much larger and robust trees with larger leaves than the native Michigan seed sources we used previously.  One tree grew to 45 ft. tall with a wide open vase type tree structure.  Others flowered on small plants when only 4-5 ft. tall. For this reason, we think this mid-western seed source is a good one including hardiness taking minus 25 F  once on the top of our windy hill planting with no winter injury. The flower yield is very high which are produced all along the branches. 


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Cercis canadensis var. alba
Seed Source Michigan: Originally from a Wild Population in Illinois
Hardiness -20
Height (ft) 40
Width (ft) 40
Soil Wet to dry and everything in between. Adaptable to alkaline conditions.
Climate Zone 5-9
Ease of Cultivation Super easy to grow under a broad range of conditions including full shade. The pea flowers are easy to harvest densely packed along the branches.

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