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Russian Hawthorne

Pot, 6-12" RUHA_6-12 $11.20
Pot, 12-18" RUHA_12-18 $13.20

This completely edible fruiting hawthorne has the largest sized fruit we could find in the Crataegus genus. It can tolerate our Michigan winters, be mostly free of disease issues and produce a boat load of fruit usable for jelly or syrup. Like the southern mayhaw, this species is one of the most practical to grow for its fruit quality too. It is a rather bland fruit but when cooked has  a unique apple-pear like fragrance. The bright red skin adds a beautiful pink color to the sauce.

We received this seed from Wyoming many years ago and found it to be the best hawthorne in our collection. The trees fruited early from seed and the broad spreading habit with no thorns made it possible to pick the fruit and not get  stabbed. The foliage occasionally gets rust but it is not highly susceptible. It has little effect on fruiting or fruit quality.

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