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Paradox Walnut

Pot, 60 Plants, 2-3 ft. PAWA_60_2-3 $432.00

Paradox walnut is a natural cross of english walnut and the California claro walnut  from Luther Burbank done in the 1890's. He found the hybrid to be a fantastic grower but it shed few nuts. He called it a paradox. (I guess you could surmise  how could something grow so fast yet fruit so little.) As time went on it was found to be a great rootstock tree in California for the English walnut industry. This natural hybrid is also found farther north than ever before and growers have created orchards of them to create uniform seedlings.  That is how we found out about this one planting done with the most vigorous and northern of the paradox walnuts. And these are what we produced here at our farm in a pure zone 5 location. 

This is a very strong growing symmetrical  tree growing 2-3 ft. in a season. The trees transplant easily and regenerate new roots very quickly. Our plants are grown in pots so the entire tap root is intact. They are 3 year plants. 

The wood of this tree is often called Bastogne walnut and is quite valuable in the wood industry if it is figured. The wood tends to have a butternut type appearance as well with a mix of tan and brown coloration. The trees can have a strong central leader and grow very straight which aids in its development as a timber or landscape tree. 

Full lot of remaining plants well rooted. 60 plants   $7.20 each Must be purchased as  a full lot. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Juglans hindsii x regia
Seed Source California
Height (ft) 60 ft.
Width (ft) 40-60 ft.
Soil Does better in drier soils with good drainage. Has a wider range of soil adaptability than black walnut making it more vigorous on less than ideal soils.
Ease of Cultivation One of the most versatile and easy to grow walnut trees. Transplants well, grows fast and even produces walnuts in much colder zones than previously thought. This seed source makes the trees much more uniform and easy to establish with nothing to worry about with other plants growing underneath it.

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