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Wild Apples

Pot, 3-6" Ecos-WIAP_E_3-6 $7.20
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Pot, 3-6" Way Northern Michigan WIAP_NM_3-6 $7.20
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Pot,12-18" Way Northern, WIAP_12-18 $10.20
Pot,18-24" Way Northern, WIAP_18-24 $14.20 Out of stock
Pot, 18-24" Penns Woods, WIAP_PW-18-24 $12.20
Pot, 2-3' Penns Woods, WIAP_PW-2-3 $14.20
For the Johnny Appleseed Within 

Wild apples are found throughout North America. From squirrels to deer to humans and even birds, It is one of those plants whose escape from the orchard aided by many animals can be found throughout the world. It is a universal fruit found in many diverse habitats. Ask someone what is that apple in their fence row or yard and they just might say 'it is a seedling: it has no name". This derogatory seedling status is a way of saying it was accidental. Are you accidental? Your status is secured-you have a name. Some wild apples have time to adjust to their new surroundings and replicate a few generations in spreading even further. This is what we use for our seed sources. And yes even from seed, we have given them names. 

We offer three types:   

  • Penn's Woods:(PW)  This is a wild apple used as an animal attractant. It makes for a good rootstock for grafting as well.  Good foliage retention. We purchased our seedlings from a Forestry school researching wild apples which are said to be between an apple and a crabapple. (That is a good idea.)
  • Ecos:(E) These are from wild types from russet apples found originally in northern Michigan and southern Indiana. They are two generations away from their cultivated named status. The skins tend to be thick and repel insects and most apples come out whole and not distorted like a cultivated unsprayed tree.  These are likely crossed with Virginia crab and other extremely fruitful crabapples which are next to them in the planting. Ecos has the best foliage retention so far meaning no mildew, black spot or the cursed rust. After fruiting you may find those which are cleaner and tastier which you can further grow by grafting.  
  • Way Northern Michigan: (NM)  Selected from seedling and old grafted cultivars that show little insect or disease problems. These are grown from specific selections with high quality fruit and clean foliage many from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. For a domestic apple seedling this one is much like the old Russian apples with large leaves and vigorous growth and is likely very cold hardy into zone 3 no problem. We are currently creating a new planting just with this seed as the parent trees had little disease or insect issues.  

We offer these seedlings as your chance to be own personal Johnny Appleseed. It takes about 4-8 years to fruit an apple tree from a seed. Once the trees reach 6-10 ft. tall with side branches, the seedling will produce spurs which is the beginning of a fruitful relationship.   

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Malus
Seed Source Ecos, Penn's Woods (PW)
Hardiness -30
Height (ft) 30
Width (ft) 30
Pollination Requirements Self fertile almost always.
Soil Anything but wet. Clay is tricky.
Climate Zone 4-8. Zone 3-ish might be ok.
Ease of Cultivation Anyone can do it, but clean fruit without spray is one of those Utopian dreams in a crazy Buckminister Fuller world but possible and within reach of growing blemish free seedlings and not grafted trees.

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