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Wine Raspberry

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Jam, Jelly, Fresh Eating

This Japanese species is known for its delicious, juicy, sweet fruit. Thorny branches reach up to 5 feet tall. Fruits slowly ripen in a husk before opening up to reveal clear pinkish-red drupelets. As the name suggests, it is still harvested today for wine and is known in the eastern US as a good source of wild collected raspberries. Plants are remarkably free of diseases and insects. Foliage remains clean and green throughout the summer heat. Makes a very colorful sweet jelly. Can be grown as a single cluster of plants for restricted plantings. Prickly picking but easy to grow in a variety of soils.Seed originally from South Korea. This strain is a tad hardier than other selections and has done well at our farm in southern Michigan. Probably best in zone 6. Fruiting canes die off after 2 years being replaced by newer more vigorous canes. Fruits in 1-2 years from planting. Spreads slowly by underground runners and some tip layering but never by seed at our farm. Has spread much slower than the black raspberry.  No shipments to WI, CT, MA.


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Rubus phoenicolasius
Seed Source Ecos
Hardiness -20
Height (ft) 6
Width (ft) 2