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Remaining Inventory June 2021-Last Chance

June 4, 2021

Remaining inventory starting 6-4-2021.  Can be ordered for immediate shipment via UPS or USPS or pick up by appointment. Available offer until July 1st, 2021.

Only Bulk lots are available which are priced as a single unit which cannot be split up into smaller numbers.  Priced at 50 % of our retail price. All are pot grown plants at least 2 years old. Most are in plastic pots but a few were grown in paper pots. No need to enter a code.. The price listed is the 50 % off price.

Shipping and packing costs:    150-500   15 %      500 and above 10%  Smaller orders are based by category. See Shipping.

Pick up available-schedule 1 week in advance. Limited hours during the week. No weekends.   Boxing fees apply.  Email for details. Preorder online only.  When checking out mention pick up and we will remove a portion or all of the ship cost depending if you need boxing or not. Keep in mind a windy ride home in an open pick up truck is not a good way to transport fully foliated plants. No orders or additions on site possible, must be prepaid and scheduled. We cannot split the inventory into smaller quantities for pick up orders. We will remove the shipping cost once the order has been placed as there is no pick up option when checking out. We will contact you shortly after you place an order.

A brief note: The plants listed below are in fantastic shape. They are not leftovers, damaged or health compromised in any way. Most of the plants can be kept in their original containers and could be planted this fall if put under the proper care. They are well rooted 2–3-year-old plants. Everything was grown from seed produced here at our farm and have been through 2 or 3 winters. We do not have additional inventory of other plants in smaller quantities. This is it!  If it’s out–it’s gone.

Name, Quantity, Size, Price each               Inventory is on-line.

Bigpod Honeylocust     250  8-16”    $4.10 each Available in  125 lots.SOLD OUT

Carolina-Allspice     200  12-18”      $4.10 each    Available in 100 lots.SOLD OUT

Chestnutleaf Oak     100 18-24”     $4.10 eachSOLD OUT

Cup Plants     32  2 yr.      $3.20  each SOLD OUT

English Walnuts     25   12-18” $6.10 each   SOLD OUT

Fruitfull American Cranberrybush     50   12-18”     $5.10 each  SOLD OUT

Lecont Hickan     40  18-36”      $7.10 each SOLD OUT

Northern Wild Raisin   60   4-12”  $4.10 each   SOLD OUT

Pawpaw  20  3-4”   $4.10 each   SOLD OUT

Paradox Walnut    60    2-3’     $7.20 eachSOLD OUT

Pete Gamagrass    50 2 yr.       $3.20 eachSOLD OUT

Redbud    60    4-10”  $3.20 eachSOLD OUT

Red Willow WISCONSIN    40    2-3 ft.     $4.20 eachSOLD OUT

Russian Hawthorne  50    12-18”     $4.20 eachSOLD OUT

Thornless Curly Honeylocust   140   12-18”   $4.10 eachSOLD OUT

Whitebeam Mountain Ash    50    6-12”    $3.20 eachSOLD OUT

Wild Apple Upper Peninsula Way Northern 70  12-18”  $4.10 each  SOLD OUT

Wild French Pear   75    1-2 ft.      $6.10 eachSOLD OUT

Wild Oats     200     2 yr.    $1.20 eachSOLD OUT

Wisconsin Arborvitae  200   18-24”     $7.10 each   Available in  2  100 lots.SOLD OUT

Perennial Potato and Perennial Beans can still be purchased in any quantities and will remain in stock for a while.SOLD OUT No low order fee. Shipping is flat rate $3.20 domestic. All the other plants, seeds and tubers on our website are permanently sold out. There is no small order pick up from the farm anymore and we do not accept cash or checks.

Thank you for your interest in Oikos Tree Crops.

Sincerely, Ken Asmus


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