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Summer & Fall Shipping: Potted plants, newly propagated plants, roots, tubers and field plants

July 26, 2019

We are currently shipping potted plants and seeds on Mondays and Tuesdays. We are not digging and shipping field grown bare root trees, tubers, roots or rhizomes.  We also may not ship newly potted or propagated plants which are too vigorous to ship safely in July and August.  At the end of the plants description you may see the following:  ‘will fall ship once trees are finished growing’ or ‘harvest season begins’.   That means shipping will begin in the fall once the plants are in a more dormant state starting in September and October.

Our summer season consists of propagating new plants as well as  maintaining our current inventory of plants and seeds.  This means a lot of changes will occur to our inventory as we size up our plants to make sure they are in the best possible shape prior to delivery to your home.  New plants will be posted in July and August and old plants may disappear. Unlike most mail order companies we do not rely much on outside sources for plants so what you see is what we have.

If you place an order in July and August we will do our best to fulfill it as much as possible. (But we will not dig field plants early.)  If the order is split shipped to some degree we do not charge you additional shipping for the fall portion of your order.  In some cases we will wait and fall ship the whole order to save on time and costs for us as well. Fall shipping the whole order all at once is the most ideal scenario in terms of getting the plants at the best time for outplanting.

For pick up orders direct from the farm, please order on line.  We will contact you for an appointment for pick up. On average we need about a weeks notice to get your order ready. We do not have a garden center or an area for shopping. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays during the summer. When you check out, you will be charged shipping. We will remove the shipping charge and issue you a refund. Just put: Pick up from the farm. Customer service will contact you for an appointment.

Sign up for our weekly summer newsletter called “Plant of the Week”. New subscriptions will automatically receive a free packet of seed. Make sure to include your address for the seeds and a future printed catalog.

New plants propagated this summer will be written about and  posted on our blog in August. The idea is to inform you of our success and to help you plan out your perennial forest garden as well as introducing you to new food plants that might fit into your landscape.

Often times people will ask us for specific plants. During 2019 we made it our mission to really focus on those plants that we never seem to have enough and plants that are rarely available even in the niche nurseries.  The weather has been very cooperative this year and despite the late start we were blessed with many good employees with excellent propagation skills.  Enjoy your new plants.  A year like this doesn’t come often.

As you can see even my grandson is surprised at his budding pawpaw forest with clover groundcover.  (Luckily for him there are back up Oreos until the pawpaws begin to fruit.)




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