Spring Shipping: Seeds,Potted plants,Tubers, Bare root field plants

November 20, 2018 in News from the Farm

Wild Bean Seeds Size Comparison to Red Bean

We are currently shipping seeds everywhere and potted plants to southern and warmer locations. Seeds are always sent within a few days of ordering.  Unless requested, we will not send plants to northern zones.  A confirmation is sent with each order along with a tracking number just prior to shipping.  Within a day or two of ordering we send you a heads up on when we will likely ship your plants this coming spring. You can always change it.

We start to dig tubers as early as possible in the spring. If you order a combination of seeds and other plants we will split ship your order so you can apply dormancy to the seeds. There are no additional shipping charges to these split orders. Almost always your order is shipped in its entirety in one shipment.  Spring shipping begins in mid March depending upon the weather here in southern Michigan. Field plants are harvested and shipped from March to mid April.