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Summer Shipping: Potted plants and seeds

November 20, 2018


We are currently shipping potted plants and seeds on Mondays and Tuesdays. We are not digging bare root trees, tubers, roots or rhizomes.

Our summer season consists of propagating new plants as well as  maintaining our current inventory of plants and seeds. If you happen to order a field grown plant from our website, we will automatically send this plant separate from your order in the fall.  A confirmation and tracking number from either UPS or USPS will be sent the day of shipping for all orders.

For pick up orders direct from the farm, please order on line.  We will contact you for an appointment for pick up. On average we need about a weeks notice to get your order ready. We do not have a garden center or an area for shopping. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays during the summer.

Sign up for our weekly summer newsletter called “Plant of the Week”. New subscriptions will automatically receive a free packet of seed. Make sure to include your address for the seeds and a future printed catalog.

New plants propagated this summer will be written and posted in our blog during the summer months. The idea is to inform you of our success or lack thereof to help you plan out your perennial forest garden.




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