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Seeds for Spring-30% Off

March 4, 2021
Apricot tree blooming in a mountain landscape-grown from seed means longer life.

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This year we were surprised how many new plantings came into production for the first time. Here are a few:

Apricot Seeds of non hybrid apricots are really a challenge to get. This year we found a good source. Close to 100 percent sound seeds.

Wild Beans and Tepary Beans  There was a good crop in 2020. HIGHLY vigorous vine beans, one perennial, one annual. Really fantastic vines great for covering fences and arbors with dense luxurious foliage high in nitrogen and a harvestable dried bean crop.

Sloe Plum  From the variety Ocean Blue this seed selection are from plants with no black knot. Seeds are impossible to get. We grow our own.

Jerusalem Artichoke Seed  This  year we have used the cultivar Shiawassee found in central Michigan just south of Saginaw along a small stream.  This seed produces uniform seedlings and may be the first true to type from seed sunchoke.  65 percent cut test on the seeds which is normal for sunchoke. 

Wild Apple  and Timber Apples  Selected apple trees from our plantings. The timber form apple is the first of its kind making a highly vigorous seedling with a tall upright straight trunk form. Grows like an oak not an apple.

Perennial Potato Seeds Even more fruitful than before. We are using a majority of fruiting potato plants that can be grown from true seed. True seed is actual seed of the potato produced by fertile flowers which set a green apple shaped fruit. A single handful of seed  can produce 65,000 thousand potato plants. Its a small seed with a lot of power.

Flat rate shipping on seeds: $4.20    If you order seeds along with other plants, seeds are immediately shipped so you can apply dormancy to seeds that require a cold period.

Use discount code: 30Seeds for a 30 percent discount on seeds. Exp. May 1st,2021.


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