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Shipping and Issues Running our Farm related to Covid-19

March 25, 2020

Updated March 31st.

Like all small business, Oikos Tree Crops has been impacted by the corona virus.  Our normal work force which comprises a mixture of local hires and professional temporary office staff has been replaced by family willing to pitch in as well as our seed specialist-order fulfillment person. We are all wearing a lot of hats this season . As a result you might find it difficult to get through on our phone. If possible please use our email    for requests on order status or a change in shipping address.  We respond daily to all emails. Plant questions;  

Since we currently do not have office staff, it is a long road to return phone calls.


Q. Are you open?    Yes. We are still open and taking orders. Keep in mind, phone orders are difficult to do with the staffing issues we are experiencing. We can no longer accept phone orders at this time. There is no one to answer the phone to take your order.

Q. When will I get my order?  When do you want it? Use the comment field if you need a specific time frame.  Need to move up or change a ship date, use the email address above.  We will continue shipping through April and half of May and beyond with the potted plants.  And yes:  We are behind in shipping.

Q.  Can I add to an existing order or combine orders?   No.

Due to lack of personnel, we cannot add to existing orders anymore. If you place an secondary order and want it combined we can no longer do this in a timely fashion.

Q. Can I  pick up my order at the farm?   No.

We can no longer set up appointments for pick up orders this spring. We will honor the few that were done earlier this winter and spring by appointment only. Michigan is currently under the ‘stay at home.’ rule. If you had requested pick up earlier and now want it shipped, let us know by email and we will make that happen. I totally understand.

Q. It says ‘Out of stock’. Are you getting more in?   Possibly.  If you email us about a certain plant, we will keep your email and notify you when it is in stock again. We are currently changing this but it is unknown what time frame it will be finished.

Further questions and status of an existing order can be directed to:

Questions related to plants:

“Thank you for your time and patience during this rather turbulent time. Thank you for choosing Oikos Tree Crops to help you on your path to a healthy life and environment.  I could not do this without you. I wish you the best of health and well being.”   Ken Asmus


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