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Available Plants and Shipping in November and December

November 17, 2020

Oikos Tree Crops is currently shipping all plants and seeds  and will continue  until snow prevents us from digging  trees from our fields or retrieving potted plants from our greenhouses.

Most of the sunchokes will end harvest around November 15th. The groundnuts can ship throughout winter. No potatoes can ship after November 15th,  Fall of 2020 has proven to be a warm fall and this year we are going later than normal.  If you have an all container order, it can ship much later into December and sometimes in January. The field stock usually discontinues after December 1st. All or part seed orders are shipped immediately no matter whether if it is one packet or many.

During this time we are running late in updating our website with new plants. The current inventory is accurate.  You might find it difficult to get through on our phone due to low staffing issues at our farm. If possible please use our email


The farm is closed for pick up orders this year but spring of 2021 will likely have pick ups again outside in front of the barn assuming we have a full staff of people filling orders again. 


  • Q. Are you open and taking orders? 
  • Yes. We are still open and taking orders. We are answering emails daily.
  • Q. When will I get my order?
  • All orders are shipped ASAP which means we ship most orders within 2-3 days after you place your order barring weather issues. We will notify you from the back of the store for specific shipping times.
  • Q.  Can I add to an existing order or combine orders?   
  • Yes and no. We cannot combine orders unless they are done within a day or two of each other and/or we haven’t shipped the first order. If you place two orders next to each other, we will try to combine the orders and refund your shipping.
  • Q. Can I  pick up my order at the farm? 
  • Spring of 2021 will likely have pick up at the farm again outside depending on staffing issues and of course the public health issues at the time.
  • Q. It says ‘Out of stock’. Are you getting more in?
  • Depends on the plant, but it is possible during December when we finish inventory more will be added. Otherwise it will be out of stock for an unknown period of time due to our propagation cycles.
  • Cut off time for placing a spring order of 2021 is May 24th.




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