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Spring of 2021 Time to Ship the Plants, Tubers and Seeds

March 4, 2021

We are currently getting ready to ship our plants and tubers to you this spring. Currently we still have a lot a snow at our farm, but it is melting quickly and soon we will be digging trees again. Here is our schedule on everything.

Seeds are shipped immediately when you place an order including any partial orders. This allows you time to germinate them and apply dormancy.

Once the ground has thawed or the snow has left we start to dig tubers and field plants. We begin packing and shipping to the warmest areas of the country  first. This includes all potted plants too.  Your whole order is shipped at once except usually the seeds are shipped earlier.  If you need a particular time for your order to arrive, make sure to mention this when you check out and add it in the comment field.

Pick up orders can be done this year by placing an order online and mentioning pick up in the comment field. Someone will contact you for an appointment. A refund will be issued for your shipping. We do not have a garden center for shopping. We request you wear a mask while on the premises. Your order will be outside in front of our barn ready to go with your name on it.

Just a personal note from Ken Asmus, owner of Oikos Tree Crops.

“Despite what is happening in the gardening industry with stock shortages, etc. Oikos Tree Crops still has good supplies. Some of our most popular items have sold out early because of high demand last fall but many new plants that we produced prior to the pandemic became available as they were finished in production just in time.  I had a major shortage of employees at the farm last year which made production of many plants impossible. But because we had prepared new crops in 2019 this extra effort was successful. These are many of the new plants we have available now.

The weather was mild this winter and there was no winter damage on even the most sensitive plants like bamboo and citrus. Even into January, I made some plantings of apricots and plums this year. I have not done that in a while. Very little pruning was done at my farm this year as the snow was quite high and difficult to walk through. That is really the only reason I have not started to dig yet as the ground appears not to be frozen at all.  The snow was a great insulator this year and you can see everything looks absolutely vibrant. I think it is going to be a glorious spring for many reasons. Certainly all of us that have found some solace in gardening but is it enough if you cannot share it to others freely without fear.  I think about this a lot.”

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