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The Tuberous Nature of Tubers

November 18, 2020

Winter is about to begin and for us it is the end of harvesting and shipping many of our most popular tuber crops. It was a good year in the tuber world so we harvested and stored the following tuber crops which can be shipped now and all through winter should you live in a warmer climate than Michigan or just want to store them for early spring planting.

  • ALL  Groundnuts are available now and can be shipped anytime during winter if you want them. More images and descriptions will be added as time permits along with new inventory. Note: groundnuts do not freeze like potatoes. For storage put them in fridge should you wish to plant when it warms up.
  • Sunchoke varieties The following Jerusalem artichokes can ship now and throughout winter if you want them.  Russian hybrid, Manitoba, Leningrad,  The other sunchokes will begin shipping again in mid March.
  • Chinese Mountain Yam  – Available in aerial bulbils you can purchase a 10 pack or an ounce. These are resistant to freezing as well and can ship in winter. We will harvest the in ground roots again in March.
  • Wild Beans  – For those who wish to get a jump on the thicket bean, try our seed packets of 10 or 35 seed packets. The roots will be available again in March.
  • Perennial Perpetual Diversity Potato – This year we offer a seed packet of 20 seeds. This particular selection is now more diploid than ever which means most plants will produce fruit making it more possible to have a disease free planting every year without the issues of virus. Very good crop this year.
  • Shiawassee Sunchoke Seed–Every now and then we get lucky and the heads are full of seeds.  Shiawassee also tends to be very fertile most years. The seedlings are very similar to the parent with little variation.  Very good crop this year with a 65 percent cut test which is good for a sunchoke so we made the packets bigger for the same price. Not a particularly easy crop to harvest in time as the yellow warblers love them so we bagged them using shopping bags which made the planting look very mysterious.

We will continue to update the website and notify you of our new plants in newsletters and on our blog. Thank you all for your patience this year. Stay healthy.



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