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When Potatoes Ruled the Earth

June 17, 2018

Imagine all the stars in the sky are potatoes.  This is the potato universe, vast, diverse and full of wonder. The perennially loved potato has become more perennial and even more loved.

Diversity Perennial Perpetual Potato Tubers for sale.

Diversity Perennial Perpetual Potato Seeds for sale.

Newsletter June 18, 2018.

Growing potatoes like a perennial creates a certain challenge not to the potato but to those who try to interfere with the so called ‘feral’ process.  It can only happen because the potato has a long  memory. The hereditary traits needed to survive in the frozen Michigan winters of our nursery for a period of 7 years with no harvest, replanting and spray are here.  The solution was simple and the results were surprising.

Self reproducing small potato grown from tubers and seeds.


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