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  • mint-mountain-flower

    Virginia Mountain Mint

    The delicate licorice/peppermint flavored foliage is just divine and makes a dark rich tea. From the standpoint of butterflies and ...

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  • Precocious Hazelnut

    Precocious Hazelnut

    'Precocious' represents our most productive and disease resistant hazelnut strain with larger nut size and a thinner shell than the ...

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  • mjb3

    Michigan Pecan

    We feel fortunate to grow these as progenitors of a new generation of the most northern hardy pecan, since many of the original parent ...

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  • Dunsbar-plum-fruit

    Dunbars Plum

    Natural hybrid between two American species plums. Produces lots of fruit delicious for jam or fresh eating. Rarely affected by ...

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