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  • Precocious Hazelnut

    Precocious Hazelnut

    'Precocious' represents our most productive and disease resistant hazelnut strain with larger nut size and a thinner shell than the ...

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  • potato-purple-ecos

    Ecos Purple Potato

    Ecos purple has a great flavor and is a ‘dense’ potato making it great for adding to soups or mashed. This selection was given to us 25 ...

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  • Timber-hybrid

    Timber Form of the Sour and Sweet Cherry

    This natural selection between the sweet and sour cherry produces black or red cherries delicious to eat fresh from the tree or in ...

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  • Dunsbar-plum-fruit

    Dunbars Plum

    Natural hybrid between two American species plums. Produces lots of fruit delicious for jam or fresh eating. Rarely affected by ...

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