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Shipping, Instructions & Guarantees


Flat Rate means one price no matter what the quantity.

No International and Canada

  •  SEEDS -SCIONS-TUBERS                FLAT RATE                      USPS               $14.20

During the fall of 2021 and winter of 2022, all seeds are sent as soon as the order is received. Your order is fulfilled within 1-3 days of receiving your order. Some may be longer as the seeds are prepared. Others are shipped the same day the order is placed. An email notification is sent the day of shipment.

The seeds can withstand freezing in shipment. To be safe, we take the parcels to the post office to avoid prolonged freezing to prevent outside storage even for a short period.

Germination for Seeds:  Each planting description has the germination instructions for the seeds I produce. This is tried and true recommendations from over 40 years of growing seedlings from seeds I produced at my farm. Keep in mind a seed that does not sprout is not a bad seed, but one that needs additional dormancy for germination to begin. Also keep in mind float tests are unreliable. Do not use the float test on hazelnuts and other seeds as many seeds have seed cavities larger than the seed which makes them naturally float. This is normal for hazelnuts in particular.  Not everything you might read on line is true.

It is of best interest to you to manage seeds like you would plants providing them with the right temperature, moisture conditions and location to prevent failure and optimize germination percentage. I constantly do cut tests on the seeds I collect and include extra seeds in each order to insure the number of seeds purchased equals all good seeds just in case of blanks or immature embryos. This is normal for all seeds to show some variation in germination. I try to minimize this for you. No other seed company does this by the way.

Not what you wanted or changed your mind: If you do not want the seeds you ordered, return them within three days of receiving them for a full refund minus shipping.  All the seeds have to be returned for the refund, not a portion. Once opened and tampered with, we will not accept it as a return. Keep in mind this is a perishable item.  Once processed or handled by you in some way means the seeds cannot be returned and you have accepted them as your own. For this there will be no refunds or exchanges for other seeds. They are now yours to do with what you want and how you grow them is up to you. See guarantee for specifics.


Our seeds do not carry a warranty of any type. The buyer assumes all risks. For quality issues please contact us when you receive the seeds. Returns are accepted if you feel the seeds are unacceptable in some way. If you think they are not what you wanted, then they can be returned if not tampered with after opening. Our seeds are harvested and packed fresh. They are stored in conditions to preserve their embryo as well as moisture level. They are not allowed to dry out other than normal processing to bring down the moisture levels enough so they do not rot in packaging and make them stable for storage.  But not enough drying to damage the embryo. Do not soak the seeds. They are not dried to the point of desiccation. Soaking our seeds could make them rot. Be careful if you do this.

The seeds by Oikos Tree Crops are offered as is without a warranty. Everything is in your hands to make them grow using my methods of over coming dormancy as described in the plant description under each product. If you use other methods, then that is your experimental method not ours.  Our seeds are guaranteed fresh but not guaranteed to grow. For that you have to supply both the knowledge of woody plant seed propagation as well as the means to make that happen without interruption by pests and diseases. Variation is natural in all seed grown plants. That natural variation is found within our Ecos seed strain. How that translates to your climate is left up to you. We do not guarantee the success or lack of success to your climate and environmental situation.  The plant may be weedy or invasive in your location based on local laws of your state which is not necessarily a scientific and rational definition.  For that you are responsible and are in full control of the destiny of your crop plant. I cannot predict the effects of the plant in your location but can provide you with cultural information to make it successful for your climate. You accept this guarantee once you check out in terms and conditions.Our nursery will permanently close after the spring season.may 24, 2021 will be our last day.  This is forever! No more plants will be produced. Please see changes to our  guarantee this year.  All orders will ship this spring as usual. But no orders will be booked for fall of 2021.  Our farm will continue but the nursery will not. Seeds will be harvested in the fall for shipping but no more plants will be produced at the farm. The phone has been discontinued. Use the contact form on the front of the website to contact us.

Damaged in Shipping
Let us know within 24 hours of receiving your order if an item was damaged or broken in shipping. Please call or email us. We may issue a claim and have the package returned. We will work something out with you quickly. Once returned we will send a new order out. Email customerservice@oikostreecrops.com for quickest response. If you decide to plant the damaged plants, it is fine but doing so means you have accepted them as good plants. These would not fall under our warranty.

all guarantees are null and void as of May 24,2021. The nursery is permanently closed and is no longer shipping plants. there is no additional shipping done later in the fall to fill orders for the spring of 2021. we refunded everything that was not filled in case there was a short crop on something. there was no 90 day guarantee as we had no means to fill orders once the nursery was closed.

Guarantee-Agreed to under terms and conditions when you check out or place an order from us

We guarantee our nursery stock to be healthy and true to catalog description including grade and count. Sizes of trees may be slightly smaller or larger than catalog-website description. Upon receiving your plants, if there is a question concerning plant quality, please bring this to our attention within one day of receipt. We do not cover losses due to experimentation, neglect, heat, drought, cold or other extreme environmental conditions including insects and disease.  Due to natural variation, not all plants respond the same and may be different in your climate. Not what you expected? Return the whole order within one week. for a refund. We do not cover the losses due to extreme winter weather, animal, fungal or insect damage. Once planted you have accepted them as good and refunds or credit will not be given.

Not Guaranteed
We do not cover losses for plants grown or stored in pots, poly-houses, cold frames or anything grown in any soil mix. Soil mixes have variable results on various species. If you are using a soil mix, then your plants will not be guaranteed. You have to plant them in the ground before the guarantee applies.  Plants stored in pots in unheated garages, indoors, or on the deck rarely survive the winter. We do not cover losses on this type of planting.

On plant identification: Belief of mis-identification or actual mis-identification: either way-we will not cover a removal or loss type of time scenario including the purchase price of the plants or replacements. If we do send you the wrong plant-of course we will send the correct plant.  Because we work with open pollinated plants including hybrids, many things do not look like the ‘books’ including images found on the internet-other websites which may or may not be accurate. We are not going to dispute or corroborate your claim. We purchase seeds as well from seed companies. Those too may not be the same as the patented plants featured on other companies websites which in many cases have been highly bred and may look completely different in flower, fruit and foliage.

Seeds: Our seeds do not carry a warranty of any type. The buyer assumes all risks. For quality issues please contact us when you receive the seeds. Returns are accepted if you feel the seeds are unacceptable in some way. Seeds are fresh when packed for the year of sale as marked on each packet. Our seeds are harvested and packed annually. Do not soak the seeds. They are not dried to the point of desiccation. Soaking our seeds will make them rot.

International Orders: no more seeds are sent internationally. 

Substitution:  We do not substitute seeds.

7 Day GUARANTEE:  No more replacement plants shipped in the fall as we have done in the past. Since we are closing the nursery after the spring season we have implemented a one week notification period for the plants you receive from us. We offer a one week guarantee for plants. For losses, please contact us within one week after you have received your order. If you feel the plants are not alive, let us know 7 DAYS of receiving them.  Please use our email: customerservice@oikostreecrops.com  for questions and concerns. Our goal is not to leave you hanging but at the same time, we cannot offer another shipping season for you to get the plants.  We may inquire into your lack of success to find out whether it is attributed to an act of nature or something from our end that we are not aware of. Replacements do not receive additional replacements. Once planted it is your responsibility their survival. For the years to follow, it is up to you. Your purchase falls within this guarantee and you agree to this when you agree to our terms and conditions when you check out. On sizing plants: when you receive plants from us some may be larger and some may be slightly smaller than the grade you purchased. This is natural and we cannot compensate you for the trees that are slightly smaller by 1-2 inches. The grades we use are standard Nursery Grades used by most seedling nurseries. But some are not. Keep in mind this is an average and varies from species to species. We choose the trees for you based on viability first, size second. Once in a while we will substitute a potted plant for a field plant of the same type if it means we can complete your order in a timely fashion. We do not charge you additional for this. Everything mentioned above, all of our guarantees including our terms and conditions are agreed to prior to checking out every time you order.


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