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Iowa White Peach Seeds

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currently unavailable Iowa white peach is a discovery that has been shared both as a cloned tree as well as a 'wild or feral' peach in a state not know for its peaches. I first grew it from a Seed Savers Exchange exchange where the owner found it in a ditch.  Since then I have found other growers who like to grow it from the pits instead of grafting or cloning. If something damages the trunk like borers or a weed whacker the root stock re-sprouts and grows true.  Since the early introductions, it is a relatively stable heirloom white cling stone peach able to tolerate very cold winter temperatures along with fluctuating spring time weather patterns.

The Iowa is known to only a few as a small white peach but has grown in popularity as an heirloom peach  possibly passed down from the early Spanish who brought the fruit to North America first. Limited quantities due to our plantings are not producing large numbers of fruit yet. There is one company in Wisconsin that has a very nice planting of it and another in Iowa. Unfortunately some of these individuals have quit selling to the public for unknown reasons.  Several customers of mine have gone on a mission to find them and there appears to be some companies offering it as a grafted peach but are unable to connect with the other growers for the seeds. A small five acre planting would solve this problem especially if it was in an area where peaches are grown commercially as well as isolated from cross pollination.  

Further grow outs and a much larger planting would help this selection and would make it even more available to the public and commercial fruit growers as well. If you mention grown from seed in a commercial setting, it would not be acceptable and the fruit industry would treat it like a row run peach tree and not worth.  I think this is the future of the peach if it can be grown without toxic chemicals as well as a means to increase the longevity of a peach orchard, bring in unique flavors and make it possible to grow organically. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus persica
Seed Source Michigan, originally Iowa and other states-widely dispersed
Hardiness -20F
Height (ft) 20
Width (ft) 20
Pollination Requirements Self fruitful but may benefit with any other peach nearby.
Soil Sandy loam or sandy soil ideal. Can tolerate heavier soils but not wet feet.
Climate Zone 4ish-8. Bud hardiness of the flowers is an issue if it hits minus 20F.
Ease of Cultivation One of the easiest fruit trees to grow from seed and fruit taking only 4 years from seed to flower. The issue really revolves around late frosts. This variety has been grown from seed many times and as long as you do not have other peaches nearby, it is essentially stabilized over the years and will remain fairly true.

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