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Nana Beach Plum Seeds & Scions

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Currently Unavailable: Natural Dwarf - Compact -Incredibly Fruitful

This seed comes from a dwarf strain of beach plum developed by selecting five plants from over 4,000 seedlings that fruited in one year from seed. Those 5 plants provided me with enough seed to create the 'nana' strain of which comes true from seed with compact growth and high development of spurs and small branches laden with fruit. Compared to the other beach plums we grow, Nana’s fruit production is much greater with spur type fruiting on a compact plant. Fruit size can be smaller sometimes too. After 20 years plant height averages 5 ft tall. Will cross pollinate with other beach plums as well for better fruit set. Appears to be longer lived than the species type. Newer plantings I have done shown the plants to be even smaller than the originals so it is possible to breed precocity with its hybrids as well. 

The following varieties will be available as scions:  Images to follow in the 2020 season. 

"Black Pearl"   Heavy producing compact plant with dense spur type fruiting. Small dark blue to black fruit. Easy to pick plant with short limbs to 4 ft. tall. 

"Blue Pearl" Columnar dense plant with dense blue fruits produced in clusters. Plants are dwarf reaching 3-5 ft. with no legginess that is normally found within beach plums. 

"Red Pearl" A reddish and violet colored fruiting type. Fruits are produced all along the branches in dense clusters. This selection like the other Nana varieties is a short plant reaching 4-5 ft. tall. 

"Multiverse"   A small dark blue to black fruited variety with small fruit produced in dense clusters. Fruit is more astringent than other varieties. The yield per plant is very high with fruits that hang down in clusters. Reliable fruiting found in this universe of beach plums.

To germinate the seeds plant outside in the fall 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep in a weed free sandy soil.  Seeds will emerge slowly late in the spring. A portion of the seeds may need an additional season to fully germinate but normally a 70 percent success rate is normal for the Nana strain for the first year.  Never freeze woody plant seeds in your freezer. That is not dormancy.  It will kill the embryo.

 For growing the seeds indoors: take the seeds and put into a zip lock bag filled with lightly moist Canadian peat moss. Refrigerate 34-38 F for 60-120 days. Seeds will begin cracking open while in the fridge after 60-90 days. These can be plucked out and planted in pots in a light soil mix. Plant 1/4 inch deep. Tops will emerge in 7-10 days. A portion of the seeds may not sprout. These will need an additional warm- (120 days of room temperature is fine) and cold (60-120) days period to germinate. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus maritima
Seed Source Michigan
Height (ft) 3-6 with equal spread
Pollination Requirements Self fertile but benefits from more than two individuals or other beach plums or hybrids of beach plums where there is overlap in flowering.
Soil Does well in sandy soil as well as prairie type rich soils. Slightly acidic is good.
Climate Zone 3-8

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