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Northern Wild Raisin Seeds

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This is very cold hardy viburnum is found in zone 3 and produces a black fruit with a raisin type flavor. The flavor is similar to blackhaw viburnum but there is less pulp surrounding the seed.  This viburnum ripens early and is consumed by a lot of birds at our farm making collecting a challenge. 

To germinate the seeds: Double dormancy. Fall plant in September or October-roots emerge the following fall and with the top coming up in spring. Plant 1/2 inch deep. Having a high organic soil helps with this species as the seeds dry out easily. We supply fresh seeds which are refrigerator stored and kept in glycine bags to prevent mold. If you do the refrigerator method, keep in mind that you have to plant them after the first cold period as the roots begin to emerge in the mid to late summer. Dormancy needed. Cold  38-42 F for 120 days--Warm -air temperature during the summer. Roots will sprout now at the end of the warm period. Then cold again of 38-42F for 120 days. Tops will then come up at this point. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Viburnum cassinoides
Seed Source Canada, Wisconsin
Hardiness -30 or more
Height (ft) 6
Width (ft) 4-8
Pollination Requirements Would benefit from having at least 2 plants of itself for best fruit production. Seed grown plants fulfill this requirement.
Soil Loam to heavy wet soils.Can grow in sandy soil but not as vigorous.
Climate Zones 2 ish to 3-8. Best in cold climates.
Ease of Cultivation Patience on germination. Slow but steady wins the race. Not super productive in the yield department for human consumption but the birds love this plant in mid to late summer as the fruit ripens from red to black.

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