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Flavorino Plum Tomato


currently unavailable The flavor of this plum tomato along with its crack resistance and yield made it a favorite at my farm. It was hard to save seed from it. The solid fruit stays on the vine with little degradation over time. A good snack tomato and one of the most distinctive taste wise.   Most plum tomatoes like Roma do not have a great flavor. This one is completely different. 

Flavorino still has the higher yields of most paste tomatoes yet contains a flavor profile not found in most paste tomatoes making it delicious to eat fresh. Not a pasty bland tomato as you often experience with paste tomatoes. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Solanum lycopersicum
Soil Sandy loam. Did well in our sandy soils at the farm and in containers.
Ease of Cultivation One of the most productive roma shaped tomatoes AND is not bland and can be eaten fresh. Crack resistant and easy to grow. Surprised you do not see this selection more. Seeds were not grown isolated.