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Chestnutleaf Oak Acorns

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Fastest Growth - Heavy Acorn Production - Large Acorns

This is the fastest growing oak tree at my farm producing a very dominant central leader with symmetrical branching. My seed planting  began by purchasing several hundred pounds of acorns from an arboretum and school campus planting. Many of these trees grew 6 ft. tall in 2 years. These had their origin to a tree in Kew Gardens many years ago.  Because of the fast growth and sizable acorns it was a rare oak tree to make individual selections from. The seedlings did not disappoint continuing their fast growth where they are now over 50 ft. tall and producing heavily almost every year. One of the most productive oaks I have at my farm yielding over 50 lbs. per tree on 20-year-old trees. 

This hybrid like others in its group takes two years to mature an acorn after pollination. The  large one inch acorns drop free of the cap which start dropping in early to mid October and continue into early November. There is never any weevil damage in the acorns. The clean acorns make them a good candidate for acorn flour. Their composition is similar to sawtooth oak of which this might be a hybrid of including also Turkey oak Quercus cerris. 

This oak has very hard and heavy wood. More research should be focused on this species as a high quality wood producer and combine it with its acorn production. 

Roughly 45-50 acorns per pound.  Around 6 pounds of acorns are 250-300 acorns

Fall of 2023 crop is fairly good. Acorns are stored refrigerated. Not to germinate the acorns, this species needs roughly 60-90 days cold dormancy to sprout first. So use cold and a light moisture or directly plant outside. The acorns rarely have weevils in them but once in a while a few a are found less than one per one hundred usually. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Quercus x castanaefolia
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness minus 25F
Height (ft) 80
Width (ft) 35
Pollination Requirements Self fertile but two trees are best for this species as very few other species cross with it with the except sawtooth oak.
Soil Sandy loam. Not particular.
Climate Zone 4-9. Grows well in dry hot climates due to the glossy leaves and the hair underneath the leaves.
Ease of Cultivation Like the sawtooth oak very easy to grow in any type of soil. Not alkaline sensitive. No disease issues with the foliage. Roots regrow after transplanting quickly. Large acorns consumed by deer quickly.

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