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"Forte" Chestnut Nuts & Scions

300 Nuts+Scions, FOCH_S-300+SC $240.00 Out of stock

currently unavailable Selected specifically for its high yields, this chestnut was found in a seed bed of Douglas hybrid American chestnuts that had flowered when it started flowering in three years from seeds. The yields are incredibly high with each nut producing three small nuts per bur. For the last 40 years this plant has only taken a few years off due to extremely late frosts. Its dense fruiting which is found all along the branches is created by the formation of large nut clusters. For most of the time, the nuts have been free of weevils which is a real issue for the no spray conditions at my farm. The strength of this cultivar is its yield which is consistently high out yielding almost all other chestnuts at my farm. The nuts fall free of the bur. 

Despite its American background, the tree is highly resistant to chestnut blight. The blight is found in the larger trunks but not enough to damage the tree similar to the Chinese chestnut. "Forte" is a semi dwarf chestnut reaching 20-30 height and width. It is more compact in tree structure than the Chinese chestnut roughly half the size.