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Fruitfull American Cranberrybush Seeds

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 currently unavailable A simple trait found in many plants from pines to maples is called ‘compacta’. When growing a large number of seedlings, I found this trait in a few plants of Viburnum trilobum grown from a wild collected Michigan seed source.  This form makes shrubs produce fruits all along the branches as well as the tips. The seedlings from this group also tend to flower at a younger age normally than the species. The plants of Fruitfull could be further selected for even higher yields. I continue to add to the plantings of this strain to find larger clusters as well as even more dense fruiting per plant. The goal is to develop a more culinary friendly plant that can be tolerated when consuming or processing. Many people have told me this is the worst fruiting plant that they have ever eaten likening it to the stench of high school gym socks worn for three months without washing. This is a close description. However, if frosted for a period of time, the flavor improves quite dramatically and eventually we get to the wild cranberry flavor. The fruit changes over a long period and this fluctuates depending on the season as well. Other fruiting cultivars will be released that are based on flavor and yields in 2022-23 seasons including one variety that can be eaten off the bush without the high school  gym sock experience or wincing.  

To germinate the seeds: Fall plant 1/4 inch deep. The following fall the root will go down and then spring will bring the top. Or Store in the refrigerator with moist media for 90 days then plant outside in the spring.   Remember seeds sprout after a cold and warm dormancy by putting down roots first.  Roots emerge during the fall starting in September after one cold dormancy and one warm dormancy.

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Viburnum trilobum
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness minus 30F or more
Height (ft) 12
Width (ft) 5-10
Pollination Requirements Self fertile. May benefit in having additional selections nearby or 2 plants of itself.
Soil Loam, clay, sand. Even somewhat wet. Adaptable.
Climate Zone 3-8
Ease of Cultivation Patience is needed for the germination, but like all viburnums they have a high germination rate once you pass that second year dormancy. This selection can be grown from cuttings as well as seeds. The seedlings have a high lateral bearing tendency.

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