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ShellbarkPecan Hickory Nuts

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SOLD OUT Starting in the early 80's I began planting many species of hickories in my nursery and on my property. One such hybrid selection came to my attention as a hican. The hicans were an interesting cross of pecans and hickories usually but often were grafted to retain their unique characteristics. Unfortunately these selections were limited in number and I had to buy a lot of seeds from various growers who had these unique varieties. What I found was that the shellbark crosses actually produced very nice and often fast growing trees. Since it was a long term project, I stuck with those and even found a few hybrids growing the shellbark hickories I was growing from seed. These went into my permanent plantings and today I can enjoy the delicious hickory type nuts they produce. 

Seedlings are straight growing with almost a pyramidal shape to them. The tap roots are deep so it takes at least two years to get a sizable tree from seed. I grew them in 3 by 3 by 14 inch pots. Others use 2 inch pvc pipe cut to 14-16 inch lengths.  The trees will  increase in vigor after the third year. This hickory hybrid called Nussbaumer Hickory is very good to grow from seed and it tends to show the characteristics more of the shellbark. Certainly you could make a strain just from our seeds going beyond the rather low yielding grafted varieties to an intermediate species capable of reproducing from seed. 

This cross does not show the wide variation like most hicans and is surrounded by shellbark hickories and one pecan. So likely it is crossed with the shellbarks next to it making it more stable in terms of growing the seedlings for both timber and nuts.

Scionwood of this selection is available on request if you purchase the seeds. Scionwood is shipped with the seeds in dormant condition. The selection name is "Ecos"  for further clonal reproduction and distribution.  

To germinate the seeds:  Put seeds in a lightly moist Canadian peat moss and store for 90-120 days at 33F to 38F in your refrigerator. Seeds will sprout from 2-4 weeks after dormancy when you put them at room temperature.  Seeds have been stored correctly to prevent drying so do not soak them when you get them. Seeds have been cleaned and checked for blanks and hickory worm larvae over a month period prior to packaging. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Carya x nussbaumerii (laciniosa x illinoensis)

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