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Timburr Chestnut Nuts and Scions

50 Nuts + Scions, TICH_S-50+SC $150.00
Tall Straight Timber Growth Habit - Good Nut Production-Strong Resistance to Chestnut Blight-Good Seedling Producer

This is one of my best American-like hybrid crosses which produces vigorous seedlings with a dominant central leader. The seedlings show a high heritability of upright growth with good resistance to chestnut blight. "Timburr" is a single tree from a selection that did survive past the 30 year mark while still retaining its limbs and production of chestnuts. Although not blight free, the amazing diameter of its trunk as well as its heavy yields make it worthwhile to propagate clonally. There are few trees that can do this with ease like "Timburr".  From a mixed cross of Chinese, American and European "Timburr" was found as a chance seedling from mixed hybrids I was growing at my farm for the retail mail order catalogs. A few of the trees showed exceptional vigor and were planted on my hillsides as a means to provide shade. Although many of them died this one seedling made it through every possible weather and climate scenario and is now still standing tall although a few dead limbs caused by shading has made it look it needs a trim. See the picture in the images here. 

"Timburr"  Selected hybrid chestnut with high resistance to chestnut blight, fast growth rate, good nut production of small to medium sized nuts. "Timburr" is a one of kind hybrid with consistently good yields of medium sized nuts. Combines upright growth for wood production and easy pruning to maintain a central leader. "Timburr" is also a good seedling producer and was used for decades at my farm for producing vigorous healthy seedlings where growth rate was a priority and nut production secondary. Not a commercial chestnut cultivar for orchards but possibly for agroforestry applications where you want a similar type of chestnut tree with good wood-lumber potential and longevity.  Timburr does not have a full compliment of 3 nuts per burr usually. It might be a pollination issue or itself is somewhat self sterile as a genetic consequence. Keep in mind this is not a cultivar for nut production primarily although the canopy is filled with burrs every year, the low yields are the result of the above mentioned issues. 

Seeds are treated with neem and pyrethrum to stop weevils if there appears to be weevil damage. None detected so far this fall of 2023..Scion wood is sent with the seeds in the dormant season. 

No shipment of scions to CA, WA, OR, NV, NM

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Castanea x dentata x mollissima x sativa
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -25
Height (ft) 60
Width (ft) 40
Pollination Requirements Self infertile. Need two chestnuts, any two chestnuts to fruit including seedlings of itself.
Soil Sandy acidic soil ideal. Bad in clay alkaline soil.
Climate Zone 4-8
Ease of Cultivation Once established easy to grow. Watch for drought the first year. Although not entirely immune to blight, parent tree has grown around the wounds in a completely novel way and continues to fruit heavily. Has been one of the best producing trees at my farm. Improvements could be made from its seedlings by selecting with a bit more for immunity to chestnut blight in mind. That being said its seedlings are truly amazing in growth and fast growth. Good just from the selection standpoint but not a commercial chestnut cultivar based solely on nut production. For that it cannot compete.

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