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Wild Apple Seeds

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sold out Growing the Apple from Seed-For the Johnny Appleseed Within

This Ecos selection is a seedling strain direct from our farm where I planted 'wild' apples found within the state of Michigan that appeared to defy the natural laws surrounding insects and disease. If possible, I made the selections based on the leaf health of the seedlings as well as the 'look' of them meaning large leaves and fast growth. In the end, I found a number of interesting apples that mostly fall into the large crabapple category but the flavor was not so bitter or tannic like most crabapples.  These seedlings produce one to two inch fruit with little or no insect damage. Some of the hybrids are with the native crab called Heterophylla apple.  Fruit flavor is similar to the apple crabs and can vary from tart to sweet.  That is part of the mystery of growing your own apple from seed. For some it might lead to frustration, but then it is the only way to discover new flavors and create your own cultivars adapted to your location. 

To germinate the seed:  Plant 1/4 inch deep in sandy soil in the fall. Seedlings will emerge in early spring.  For the refrigerator method, store in lightly damp Canadian peat moss at 33-39 F for 60-120 days. Seeds will sprout after 60 days and you can remove them as they sprout and plant them in pots. It is very easy to grow apples from seed and it is a good beginner woody plant seed experiment.  Do not plant the seedling too deep when you put the sprouted seeds in a pot. The seedling will damp off easily in heavy soil mixes.



Plant Specs
Genus & Species Malus domestica (and the composites that make it up!)
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -30 F
Height (ft) 30-40ft and equal width
Pollination Requirements Always self fertile. Some data supports additional nearby crabapple pollinators on some selections.
Soil Adaptable to a wide range of conditions the apple thrives everywhere except heavy moisture laden soils, although in some cases that is possible too.
Climate Zones 3-8
Ease of Cultivation Easy to grow from seed. The reason to grow apples from seed is even more important than before. The apple industry needs selections that do not require spray and are safe to raise without toxic chemicals. Even if you do not care about this, you can still make huge headway on your own even in your backyard to develop apples that taste good and do not require sprays plus have the bonus of higher nutrition. Few apples have been selected based on nutrition. These are worth growing just on the basis of selecting healthier apple trees without the insect and disease issues so common with all apple trees.