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Ecological Enrichment: The Integration of Opposites

Along the shoreline of my family’s farm pond grew an apple tree. Sticking straight out of the water,  it’s a kind of biological integration you do not normally see. Being an apple tree while submerged in water year-round makes this an improbable event. This seedling tree retains its health and vigor while producing wonderful flowers …

Tag: tree

Snow Fountain Becomes Snow Mountain

It began very innocently. Watch the bumblebees with my daughters and see if you could “pet” or touch the bees as they were pollinating the flowers on our weeping cherry in our front yard. This involved just lightly touching the bees back so they wouldn’t fly off on the flower they were pollinating. Simple and …

Tag: tree

Soilicious for Establishing Trees in Open Fields

My two year old peach and apple trees grown from seeds. Soilicious made it not only possible but highly probable that the trees were going to live through that critical first year without water or tending in any way. Forty years ago it was difficult for me to establish trees in my open pasture. Now …