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American Chestnut Wood Bowls: The Celebration of Wood

July 11, 2016

In this post we feature chestnut bowls that were crafted by members of the West Michigan Woodturners. These bowls are a celebration of the natural patterns found in chestnut wood. They were made from trees planted on our farm 30 years ago that were removed due to disease or overcrowding. Instead of letting the wood go to waste, we contacted the members of this association. As you can see from the pictures below, each crafts-person captured the inherent order and beautiful features of the wood and its grain patterns.


Jerry Kroehn, American Chestnut


Jerry Kroehn, American Chestnut


Derek Sheehan, Hybrid Chestnut


Barbara Buck, Hybrid Chestnut


John Cameron, Hybrid Chestnut


Jerry Kroehn, Hybrid Chestnut


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