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Perennial Beans-One small bean is a giant among bean plants.

August 17, 2019

When the giant of all beans reaches new heights unseen of by modern society, then its natural to find out why something so ancient was used so extensively.  The Thicket bean or wild kidney bean, Phaseolus polystachios  is now available for fall planting. We sell dormant roots that are shipped starting in early October. The carrot type root is harvested once the plant goes dormant.

This wild species bean found throughout North and Central America is a bean  that can live for more than a decade.  Growing to 20-30 feet this perennial vine is a close relative of the lima bean. The flavor is like a lentil. The pods easily shatter releasing the seeds. Ironically conservation and ecology have become the motivational speakers of the scientific world, a lot of hot air and living in a van down by the river. They view it as something that should be isolated and put in a botanical zoo. What is the practical value of this plant and how can it help the human world? That is what we should be asking. Help me find out. Plant a few and send me your results.

Wild Beans  — Thicket Bean


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